WME&MKM Seminar
Autumn 2010

Time: Autumn 2010, Thur. 19:00--20:30
Place: Room 516 in Feiyun Buing of Lanzhou University(Lab 5nd floor)
Contact: Su Wei
Past Seminar

 Date               Speaker                                                  Topic
 9/9               Liu Zhiwei                                     The report for ICCSE 2010

 9/16            Ouyang Heshun                           Installing and Programming of Web Math Search (WMS)
                Xing Chengcheng                          The improvement of MathML display on WebKit browser

 9/25(Sat.)         Su Wei                                A survey on Infix input and GUI input for students
 9/30             Cui  Linwei                   Judging and Extracting Infix-based Mathematical Formulas from Web 
                   Hu Xiaoyu                             The Progress of Converting Chinese Braille to MathML

 10/14              Guo Wei                                 A Paper on Math Query Language (MQL)
                 Chen Hainiao                   The Improvement for Translator of Content MathML to Chinese Braille
 10/21           Zhang  Liao                                     New Web API for MathEdit     
                 Peng Yunhui                              The Progress of Math Audio Language (MAL)