WME&MKM Seminar
Summer 2011

Time: Summer 2011, Monday 10:00--11:30
Place: Room 516 in Feiyun Buing of Lanzhou University(Lab 5nd floor)
Contact: Su Wei
Past Seminar

Date Speaker Topic
7/11 Ma Huijuan Creating Index for MathSearch
Guo Wei Creating User Interface for MathSearch
7/18 Xu Yanxia Introduction for MathWebSearch
Cui Linwei The development of Crawel for MathSearch
7/25 Ma Yangguang The Progress of MathEdit for Cellphone
Hou Huayang The application of Math Accessibility
8/1 Sun Xicheng The Progress of Geometry for Cellphone
Dou Yanxu Intelligent Mathematics Assessment System
8/8 Sun Youyan The Progress of Accessibility of Math
Chen Lihui Creating MathML-based Index for MathSearch
8/15 Guo Wei MQL
Ma Huijuan The new Progress of Index for MathSearch