WME&MKM Seminar
Spring 2013

Time: Spring 2013, Monday 15:00--17:00
Place: Room 516 in Feiyun Building of Lanzhou University(Lab 5nd floor)
Contact: Su Wei
Past Seminar

Date Speaker Topic
3/11 Chen lihui Latex数学公式识别与提取
Cheng ming sencha-touch
Xu yuexia Expanded Grammar for Detecting Equivalence in Math Expressions
3/18 Sun youyan Improving accessibility to mathematical formulas
Ma huijuan A Math-Aware Search Engine
3/25 Hou huayang 中文分词十年回顾
Wang xuan SEO-Search Engine Optimization
4/1 Guo jinrong DGbooks需求及主要功能
4/15 Li hui 基于语义类的汉语句法分析研究
5/13 Chen lihui Wiki中公式提取
5/27 Hou huayang New progress of MathAL
Xu yuexia Progress of sort algorith programming for mathsearch
Li hui 数学公式向盲文ASCII码转换的Word插件
6/16 Wang Xuan 服务器相关知识总结
Cheng ming Sencha Touch
6/24 Chen lihui 正则匹配提取latex数学公式
Hou huayang MathML Presentation 2 MathAL