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Telephone: 86-18993172677
Office:Guiqin Building A517, Lanzhou University, Lanzhou, China

Now I am a faculty of Department of Computer Science, Lanzhou University. I am doing research with Prof. Li Lian and Dr. Paul S. Wang.

Su Wei, A Ph.D. of Computer Mathematics

Associate Professor
Department of Computer Science
LanZhou University
No 222, Tianshui South Road, Lanzhou, Gansu province, China

Brief Biography

Dr. Su obtained his bachelor degree of computer science from Lanzhou University in 2001. He begin to work in School of Information Science & Engineering, Lanzhou University from 2001. In 2010, He got his Ph.D. degree of computer mathematics from Lanzhou University (His advisors are Prof. Li Lian and Prof. Paul S. Wang). From Aug. 2007 to Feb. 2009 he studied at Department of Computer Science, Kent State University as a joint Ph.D. candidate (his supervisor is Dr. Paul S. Wang). During Aug. 2015 - Feb. 2017, he worked at department of computer science, North Carolina State University as a visiting scholar. Now he is an associate professor of Computer Science Department, Lanzhou University. Most recently, his research focus is on AI, deep learning, educational data mining, and natural language processing.

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  1. Undergraduate Courses: Artificial Intelligence, Algorithm Design and Analysis, Big Data and Cloud Computing.
  2. Postgraduate Courses: Educational Data Mining, Computer Applications.

  1. Web-based Mathematics Education (WME)
  2. MathEdit: A Web-based Mathematical Formula Editor
  3. MathPASS: A Web-based Intelligent Mathematical Assessment System
  4. The Accessibility to Mathematical Information for People with Vision Disability
  5. MathSearch: a Formula-based Mathematics Search Engineer

  1. MathSearch: a math-aware search engine, NSF of China (NSFC) Grant, 2010-2012, PI.
  2. Creating a dynamic e-textbook of geometry for handheld device, MOE-Intel Grant, 2011-2013, PI.
  3. Ensuring Access to Mathematics for Visually Impaired Users, NSF of China Grant, 2011-2013, Member.
  4. WME: Web-based Mathematics Education, NSF of America Grant, 2002-2008, Member.
  5. IoS: an Intelligent Internet of Ship, Guangxi Innovation-driven Development of Major Special Funding, 2017-2020, Co-PI.
  6. CMOOC: an Intelligent MOOC System for Learning Chinese, Guangxi Science and Technology Team and Talent Special Funding, 2016-2019, Co-PI.
  7. The Braille Online Platform of China, China Association of the Blind, 2014-2019, PI.


I like playing badminton. I was awarded runner-up in YuZhong badminton Game of Lanzhou University in 2001. I also attended Faculty Badminton Game of Lanzhou University in 2003 and 2006.